Improve Your Cannulation Technique, by Divyesh V. Sejpal, MD

Dr. Sejpal discusses the importance of learning different cannulation techniques to increase success rates and help reduce pancreatitis risk factors. He also shares his treatment algorithm and video examples of cannulation techniques.

Video Content Outline:

  • Devices for Cannulating Anatomic Variations (0:00)
  • Examples of Cannulation Techniques (3:35)
  • Potential Advantages of Wire-guided Cannulation (5:48)
  • Examples of Physician-controlled Wire Guided Cannulation (8:50)
  • A Treatment Algorithm for Cannulation (13:20)
  • Techniques for Complicated Cannulation (14:38)



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Divyesh Sejpal, MD

Divyesh Sejpal, MD

Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine

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